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Stay In Control

Information is your greatest asset. Resolve gives access to the key data that is vital to your business performance, presented in a way that is easy to visualise and interpret.

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Save Time and Effort

Your business is a team of highly trained, highly skilled individuals. Keep them focused on what they do best - driving performance. Resolve removes the need to run endless spreadsheets, high maintenance databases and send hundreds of email communications.

Work Together

Everyone has their part to play and each team member's contribution is key to overall success. Resolve's notifications and communication features allow quick, consistent input and feedback from everyone.

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Project and associated tasks in Resolve
Be Consistent

Businesses that are methodical and rigorous in their operations increase their chances of success. Resolve's comprehensive workflow toolkit lets you map those underlying processes into a system designed to keep everyone on the same track.

Complete Integration

Help your teams work as one. Resolve allows multiple processes to come together as one overall end to end workflow, even those that are managed in other systems.

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"The Resolve software has completely revolutionised the way we manage communications and our business workflow."

Programme Manager - Arqiva.

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Resolve is powering businesses with a range of tools.

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Identify, evaluate and mitigate quickly & consistently.

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Product &
Service Cessation

Maximise capacity and avoid unnecessary costs through standardised processes.

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Prepare, delegate and deliver change seamlessly and effectively.

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Apply control and consistency to interactions with suppliers.

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Issue &
Snag Management

Anticipate, identify and resolve issues to avoid negative impacts.

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Coordinate the deployment of your available resources most effectively.

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Improve teamwork, spread the workload and meet targets.

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Keep on top of the key delivery metrics for your projects.

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Make communication and knowledge sharing an integral part of the process, not just a byproduct.

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Help Desk
Ticket Tracking

Deliver quality support through a comprehensive ticketing system.