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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is tailored software?

A. Tailored software like Resolve gives you the unique, personalised functionality of a bespoke system delivered in a fraction of the time.

Q. How much can I expect to pay?

A. Resolve and the support for all its users will be tailored to the requirements of your business. The price you pay will be reflective of this. Please get in touch for a chat about our competitive pricing.

Q. When can I start using the software?

A. The development and implementation of Resolve will depend on both your requirements and the availability of your staff for their free onboarding and training. Our typical turnaround from purchase to full implementation is 8 weeks.

Q. Where is my data held?

A. Our datacenters are located in Europe and are spread across multiple countries to increase reliability and avoid single point of failure situations. Your data is encrypted at rest as well as in-transit and never leaves EU.

Q. Does Resolve come with a trial period?

A. We can offer a one month, no obligation free trial so you can see first hand the range of benefits Resolve has to offer.

Q. How can I pay for Resolve?

We offer a range of flexible payment options including competitive prepaid discounts. The minimum payment term is 12 months which includes your free annual workflow consultancy when you approach your renewal date.

Q. I am using an existing database / application. How can I migrate my data to Resolve?

A. Whatever the amount, whatever the format, we have a team of experts on hand to review, cleanse and migrate your data quickly and seamlessly.

Q. My workflow requirement is not mentioned in the list of available templates. Can I still use Resolve?

A. Absolutely! With Resolve custom templates you can tailor the system to each your teams and your workflows. Contact us for a free, no obligation demo.

Q. Can users external to my company use Resolve?

A. Yes. Resolve gives you full control. You can quickly and easily define who can access the system, what areas are visible to them as well as user defined permissions.

Q. Where can I access the Terms of Service

See our Terms of Service

Q. I’ve been using Resolve for some time now and my business has started to grow. When do I start paying for more users?

A. We develop Resolve with the intention to help you improve and grow your business. That’s why we don’t penalise our clients when they achieve precisely that. You only pay for functionality and/or additional training.